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In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is one of the most important of all these planets. It represents power and authority. The Sun gives the native strength of will, courage, and confidence and blesses the native with good leadership skills. The sun also plays an important role in your health, so it’s vital to include it in your birth chart.

A strong Sun gives us the power to counteract all of life’s adversities. But, on the other hand, it also gives us aggression leading to egocentric tendencies. In addition, a weak Sun can also bring about a lack of confidence, poor self-expression, and challenging situations. Sun signifies what a person’s level of tolerance for his father will be like and to what extent he can benefit from his father.

Sun when in good association with Jupiter (Guru) shows the good you will learn from your father as a father is our greatest Guru. Then Sun with Rahu can create a situation where we get bad habits from our father like smoking, drinking, and other addictions. Sol com Ketu shows the good habits and spiritism we learned from our parents and elders. Likewise, the Sun’s relationship with Venus shows what kind of relationship we will establish with our wives.

Important Houses or Signs for Sun

Our life on earth is 00 minutes the moment the Sun is placed in any of your kundli houses. So, the placement of the Sun comes from our past life. But what we derive from this depends on our current karmas. The sun in any house has a dual role, negative and positive. We read above that the Sun in each house can give positive and negative results depending on how we use the power and energy of the Sun. Just an example here: we need a strong G in the 10th if we want to excel in our career. We need a balanced Sun for married life in the 7th house. A balanced Sun in the 7th also supports our 10th house, as the 7th house is the secondary house of the profession.

No planet is good or bad, no house is more or less important, and no planet in any house gives results on its own. Plants are placed in our horoscope based on what we did in our previous birth and what we get depends on how we regulate our Karmas in the present life. And don’t forget, it also lays the groundwork for your next horoscope.

Sun in 1st House

Sun in the 1st house of the horoscope, bless a person with leadership, outstanding personality, and passion. He will be a respected person and will obey his father. On the contrary, anger, aggression and laziness can prevail. These natives can also sometimes be self-centered. So, Sun in 1st House dealing with authorities, Govt and where leadership skills are needed mainly in professional life is helpful. But, on the contrary, it can bring problems in personal life, with children and family matters.

Sometimes financial problems can also cause a person to overreact due to excessive self-confidence. The Sun in the 1st may make people look ambitious and self-centered, but they are loving like the Sun. Individuals with Sun in the 1st house can also be direct and outgoing. Such attitudes in many stages of life may not be good.

Sun in 2nd House

Sun in the 2nd House is the 5th position of the 10th House, the Career House, and can be helpful for better career success. The sun in the 2nd house can also help a person to enter public services and politics. Sun in the 2nd house in a horoscope makes a person generous. Sun in the 2nd house is in the central position of the 11th house, which gives good earnings and regular income. But if the earnings are good, the person can also be generous in spending. So at some point in life, when there are family responsibilities, it’s not good. Sun in the 2nd house can make a person melodic, good at achieving materialistic pleasure, and direct. But it can also make a person overly prone to the mundane or take things lightly. Sun in the 2nd house sometimes gives success without someone else’s work and effort as well.

Sun in 3rd House

Sun in the 3rd house in the horoscope helps a person to become influential, enter politics, to have a courageous nature. This Sun position blesses a person with luxury, and these people are faithful. The Sun in the Third House can make a person good at expressing himself, good at publishing and editing work. A person with Sun in the 3rd house can have a strong personality and bless with good luck. They like to travel and share thoughts with others. But sometimes it makes a tramp person, very open when talking. Sometimes these people can give their subordinates extra comfort. It can also deprive a person of peer support, and the person can be prone to exploitation, slander, and blackmail. Sometimes their best efforts go unrecognized unlike the Sun in the 2nd house as stated above and they can feel depressed and deprived.

Sun in 4th House

Sun in the Fourth House, the House of the family blesses the person with possessions and property. Home is always on your mind. These people take good care of the family and the welfare and social status of the family. They are more introverted and find success in the second half of their life. A person with Sun in the 4th may contribute to social work, schools, and the welfare of those in need, but he tends to brag about what he does. The Sun in the 4th can also inherit property from the mother’s side and own immovable property.

Sun in 4th House can give health issues, troubled relationships on domestic fronts, and even situations like separation in the first half of their life. These people can have short-term relationships and may fall in love but with the chances of a breakup. These people can have such issues due to their family members, parents, and other associates they come in contact with Us.

Sun in 5th House

The 5th House in the horoscope is the natural House of the Sun. It represents creativity, academic training, joy, business speculation like brokers, theater, etc. Sun in the 5th can lead a person to enter the entertainment industry, TV, acting, singing, and these people can become excellent producers and directors. Sun in the 5th can also bless a person to prove his talent in sports, and he can gain fame and a good amount of wealth from these activities if he becomes professional in these fields.

Sun in the 6th house

Sun in the 6th house allows a person to defeat his enemies. It also represents politics, because war and conflict are part of politics. Many litigation attorneys, doctors, attorneys, and people in the medical or security departments have the Sun in the 5th house in their horoscope. Sun in the 5th is also known as Ripu Hanta, Shatru Hanta who will defeat enemies. These people help others to any extent and share the best bond with their mother. Sun in the 6th house increases a person’s ability to fight anything that bothers them in life. But a negative Sun in the 6th can bring a lot of adversity into a person’s life in all these respects and they can feel defeated on all fronts.

Sun in the 7th house

Sun in the 7th, the House of Marriage Happiness, has a very significant impact on a person’s personal and marital life. The 7th house represents legal and committed obligations such as marriage, business partnership, and sexual relations. A poorly placed Sun in the 7th means that the person will have a difficult married life. It also means that the spouse may be more selfish and aggressive or full of anger at the same time.

A positive Sun in the 7th makes you motivated, takes care of your wife, improves romance and love life, and keeps you away from illness. Since the Sun represents energy, it can bless a person with a good career, high authority, and a position in government.

Sun in the 8th house

The 8th house indicates hidden knowledge, secret things, confidential information, and big ups and downs. Natives can acquire goods and wealth from in-laws. This position is good for the Sun. The staff has a wonderful personality. They are curious about mysteries and the occult.

Sun in the 9th house

The 9th house represents religion, spirituality, the house of your teachers, the law, and your father. These people will be under the great influence of their father and like to follow the rules. The constant search for wisdom comes as a feature of this position.

Sun in 10th house

People with Sun in 10th are in a position of authority in the private or public sector. It represents government functions, powers, duties, and executive functions. The House is the Presidential House and is common to athletes, warriors, soldiers, and executives.

Sun in 11th house

The eleventh house is the House of Wealth. Although not an ideal position for the Sun, this position makes for a good leader. The Sun in this house blesses the native with long life and abundant wealth.

Sun in 12th house

The 12th House is the House of hidden talents, hidden enemies, hidden treasures, and religion. The Sun in this House increases the ability to discern hidden enemies and hidden talents. It gives a better understanding of the art. This house helps to make international contacts with other countries or businesses abroad. The Sun in the 12th house can sometimes destroy one’s life. Read more about how the Sun in the 12th house affects us.

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