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Astrology has been practiced for ages! Ancient and medieval astrologers have always turned to astrology to understand the events of human life. If you are curious to know whether the master predictions of medieval astrological scholars or astrologers of antiquity have come true or not, read here.

Astrology is facing criticism from various quarters today. It should be noted, however, that this is a science based on the fact that man lives under the influence of different planets. Planets play a role in all sectors of human existence and cover the physical, psychological and economic aspects. Unfortunately, there is a campaign claiming that astrology is a false science that spreads superstition.

Those behind it have failed to accept the connection between planets and man. The astrological theories were formulated by sages who observed the world with their inner eye and also learned from their own life experiences. It is a fact that planets affect all objects.

But to understand this relationship, an astrology practitioner should have unique observational skills along with dedication. Heavenly bodies cause the passage of days and nights, months, seasons, and highs and lows. People are willing to accept that one day is the time it takes for the earth to once and for all revolve around its axis. They also believe that several other cases show the link between planets and natural phenomena. This is nothing but a double standard.

All objects in the universe are interconnected and influence each other, directly as well as indirectly. For example, a snake can evoke fear by its shape and our prejudices about it. This is a direct influence. But we also know that a snake poses a danger only if it is poisonous, which is why our reaction to a rat snake or water snake is different from an encounter with a cobra. This shows an indirect influence. In the same way, the celestial bodies, which are responsible for the passage of time, transmit useful and harmful factors that affect our lives. Another example is electricity. No one has seen electricity with their own eyes, but its effects – both good and bad – have been proven countless times.

Predictions by Astrology Experts That Came True

Although astrology has been in practice for ages, many skeptics believe that astrology has lost its relevance in the modern world. They believe that interpretations are unclear, and most often astrological experts tell what people want to hear about themselves and the world. However, that is not true at all! Many situations are accurately predicted by experts and experienced astrologers. Predictions of medieval astrology scholars such as Nostradamus are known to come true.


Nostradamus has been credited with some predictions from the 20th century, and the emergence of Adolf Hitler is often mentioned as one of them. And to be fair, his writing evokes a slight chill of recognition.

“From the depths of Western Europe,” wrote Nostradamus, “a little child will be born of poor people.” And what does this child do? He will “with his tongue … seduce a great troop,” and his fame will spread far beyond Europe. Another poem of possible significance mentions battles close to the history – which is either a loose reference to Hitler or a more mundane mention of the old name of the Danube river. Depending on your point of view.


Within two cities, “wrote Nostradamus,” there will be plagues never seen before. “That description would certainly be valid for what happened in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which were destroyed by atomic bombs at the end of World War II.

The neighborhood paints an increasingly bleak picture predicting “famine in plague” (possibly a reference to radiation sickness and the ongoing disruption of war) and “people out of state” who can point to the planes that dropped the bombs. Of course, this may well have been Nostradamus, speaking of a literal plague affecting all possible cities, as the man himself had first-hand experience in treating plague sufferers. But again, this would mean that you have to spend for these processes.


The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was one of the defining moments of the 20th century, so it is not surprising that many sought the works of Nostradamus to find a hint of prophecy. A commonly cited challenger is the piece that reads “From above, evil will fall on the great one” – perhaps a reference to the fact that he was shot from a distance by a sniper (or sniper).

Of course, the chant continues with “A dead innocent will be charged with the crime” – is this Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged killer, who himself was shot and killed shortly afterward, and is long considered an innocent faller? As if that wasn’t enough to convince us, Nostradamus assures us that the real guilty party will ‘stay in the fog’ – a feeling with which countless conspiracy theorists of JFK will certainly agree.


These were just a few examples of predictions from medieval astrologers and ancient astrologers and visionaries that proved true. There are several indications that astrologers’ predictions are true. Astrology exists because humans have made a conscious effort to understand, record, and predict changes around them and in their lives. If you recognize the power and abilities of astrology, you can not deny that this divine science can provide valuable knowledge about your life.

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