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A woman turns a house into a home. She finds a balance between her social and religious responsibilities while taking on a wide variety of delicate tasks at home. Thus, the lady of the house plays an important role in Vaastu Shastra. Maintaining the Vaastu of a place, be it a house or a palace, is a delicate task.

For the uninitiated, Vaastu Shastra is the study of directions, energy, and elements. It focuses on the natural flow of energies and is an ancient practice developed by learned seers and sagas for the benefit of mankind. It is possible to skillfully solve various business, financial, physical, and mental problems. Says Vaastu Shastra expert, “Couples should avoid the northeast bedroom and use more of the bedroom in the south zone.” He elaborates on more tips for women to have peace and prosperity.

To make our life comfortable, our living space matches our personality and we need to control it. Decorating your home, the way we want it is one of the benefits of being an adult. It is a freedom to choose how to decorate and what to place in our room that is perfect and nice. But we have to be careful how we do this. According to Vastu, we do things in our house that can be harmful to the people who live in the house. So here we have a list of important things for women in their homes according to astrology.

What we have in the house or the state of things means a lot when it comes to making our homes and lives happier. Women do selective things when choosing things to keep and store in their homes. Whether it’s a bedroom curtain, a window, or the pillows we want in the house, see what you as a woman can add to your home according to Vastu Shastra.

Coffee maker

Not everyone can wake up early in the morning and feel fresh with shiny skin and healthy-looking hair. Women have this problem all the time. According to Vastu Shashtra, owning a coffee machine is good. Therefore, according to astrology, the essential objects of women, this is an inevitable thing.

According to astrology, it would help women work a lot every day and add a plus to their health and well-being. You can choose their particular coffee machine and type depending on their zodiac sign. In addition, they can choose the specific coffee that would contribute to their happiness factor and health.

Indoor plants

According to Vastu Shatra, indoor plants are suitable for relieving stress and mental problems. Having indoor plants should therefore help reduce depression and anxiety. In addition, it is considered lucky to add something like this to people of different zodiac signs, because it carries the evil influence of the planets.

Among the most important things for women, our astrologers recommend keeping a Tulsi plant inside or outside the house, because apart from being a very good herbal medicine, it helps balance the three life elements and chakras and reduces stress.

Cookbooks with healthy dishes

As wives and homemakers, women mainly focus on the health of their families. But what is its astrological significance? For women, something like this puts them in a more favorable position on their planets.

According to food astrology, each planet rules over a different food. Therefore, according to astrology, it is mandatory to have a cookbook where the spices and food elements from the pantry have been properly used. Therefore, essential things to store at home must have a cookbook.

Wood furniture

Furniture is essential to make any home feel like home. Furnished home can hardly be home because it looks more like a warehouse. Some suitable wooden furniture is a practical choice. Moreover, rugs are one of the first things that women keep in mind because they add charm and prosperity and happiness to their homes.

According to Vastu Shastra, there should also be no heavy furniture, especially in the middle of the house, as this place is called Brahma Sthan and should stand empty.

Single shade lights

Make a list of essentials for women and monochromatic lighting will add vitality to life. Therefore, the lights must add good vibes. When choosing a shade, women must remember that the light is clear, as it adds mood and energy. Women can also try illuminating their homes with all kinds of light – natural or artificial.

As for candles, burning scented candles also brings peace and happiness to people’s daily lives. Also, blue night lamps are great to use because they have cooling properties. Also, the soft blue lights around the room should help calm your mood while you sleep.

Reading Nook

Reading is not for everyone and everyone has their interests. What do we mean by a reading corner in a corner of the house where work accessories are limited? According to astrology, it is very important to choose a suitable field of study. As important as that is, having a reading corner is also important. One of the must-haves for women at home includes a reading corner. It calms people’s souls and minds and helps them commit themselves to study.

People should have a reading corner on the northeast side of the house, as according to Vaastu, the northeast is ruled by the asanaya. Therefore, this area brings peace and tranquility to women’s souls. This is where you want to go to practice breathing exercises and meditation.

A queen-size bed

The bed is very important. But which beds would increase women’s wealth? Large double bed. According to Vaastu Shastra, the right side of the bed is necessary. Pillows and pillows that fit the right crowd are also important. So having a double bed is essential for women.

According to Vaastu Astrology, our sleeping area is an essential factor of care. The position of the bed in the room is also very important. The headboard should be in the south zone of the bedroom, as it rejuvenates the body and mind. In addition, we have to face sleep with the head on the north side of the room.


If you feel weak, tired, or sick, try to spend time in the eastern part of your home. The East is believed to be ruled by Indra, the god of war and weather. Thus, Indra has power over the rising sun, which is considered to have power over the bones, eye, heart, spinal cord, and circulatory system.

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